Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is not an uncommon problem in the general population. Although sweating is a physiological way for our body to regulate temperature, excessive sweating can lead to damp wet patches under arms. It typically starts in adolescence and can persist into adult life with people resorting to wearing darker clothes to cover the problem. Clients report worrying about their excess sweating, which can actually make the sweating worse and lead to a vicious cycle.

Thankfully, Botox injections may be the miracle cure you were hoping for. Using Botox injections to treat underarm sweating is just as effective as surgery, without the risks or costs involved.



How do Botox injections treat Hyperhidrosis?
Botox injections work by stopping nerve signals to your sweat glands that instruct them to “sweat.” This is very similar to Botox’s anti-wrinkle action where it stops muscles that cause fine lines to stops contracting. A number of small superficial injections are made to the skin over the armpit area. It is a safe and well established treatment with no downtime.
How is the treatment carried out?
The doctor will administer a series of injections into each armpit using a small needle. The whole treatment will take approximately 30 minutes.
Are there any side effects with Botox injections?
Botox injections are well established and safe procedures. Due to the final nature of the needle, the procedure is virtually pain-free. Immediately afterwards you may notice mild redness of the skin but this usually subsides.
How long before I see results?
On average it will take between 4-14 days to notice results, with effects of treatment lasting up to 6 months. At Skyn Doctor we offer a follow-up consultation for all our patients at 2 weeks to ensure desired results have been achieved.
Why choose Skyn Doctor?
Our philosophy at Skyn Doctor is unique. We view ourselves as your long-term partners in improving your skin health and will be by your side to ensure you achieve the desired results. We believe each patient is unique and thus requires a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs.
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