Obagi Skin Peels

Blue Radiance Peels by Obagi can be used on all skin types to rejuvenate the skin and create an immediate glow. Superficial peels are ideal for important social functions such as weddings and parties giving the skin an instant revitalised look with no downtime.

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How do Blue Radiance Peels work?
The actual peel consists of 20% salicylic acid as well as calming agents such as willow bark and licorice roots. Salicylic acid is commonly used for acne scarring, photo damage, melasma and skin rejuvenation. The peel works by effectively exfoliating the uppermost damaged layer of skin thus accelerating skin regeneration and leaving the skin looking immediately radiant.
How are Blue Radiance Peels carried out?
The skin is first cleaned using the Obagi prep solution to remove any impurities and makeup. The peel is then applied to the face and left in place for a couple of minutes, a second layer is then applied and this is left on the face for a full 10 minutes. After this the peel is removed and a hydrating cream and SPF are then applied.
What are the indications I may need Blue Radiance Peels?
• Acne scarring
• Photo damage
• Melasma
• Skin rejuvenation
Are Blue Radiance Peels painful?
You may experience a slight itching or warm sensation on the face however this will settle quickly.
How many Blue Radiance Peel treatments will I require?
Although results are immediate a course of 4-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart is recommended for optimum results. It is important that a SPF cream is used daily following the peel.
Why choose Skyn Doctor?
Our philosophy at Skyn Doctor is unique. We view ourselves as your long-term partners in improving skin health and will be by your side to ensure you achieve the desired results. We believe each patient is unique and thus requires a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs.
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